Flood Risk Assessment Solutions

Over 30 years experience in Flood Risk Assessment, Flood Risk Computer Modelling and Flood Protection Design




Unusual Flood Risk Assessments

If your project is non-standard we can work with you, the regulator and any other key stakeholders to agree a suitable flood risk assessment scope that everyone is happy with. 


One example of an unusual assessment project we delivered recently was for a Landfill Site Restoration.  Working with the Environment Agency and the Internal Drainage Board, we used 3D ground surface modelling for both current and future settlement scenarios together with permeability and ground water modelling to generate accurate off site flow response into the surrounding watercourses.


Another unusual flood risk assessment was for a Site of Special Scientific Interest where controlled annual flooding was needed to maintain a particular habitat.  Working with the Internal Drainage Board and Natural England we used ground water modelling to assess the flood risk throughout a typical year and developed mitigation options to prevent the lowland bog habitat from drying out.


Non-standard flood risk assessments will vary in scope.  Please get in touch for a project specific quotation.